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VSP pressure sensor

For oil pressure applications

The VSP sensor is ideal for any oil pressure applications in automobiles or commercial vehicle applications thanks to its robust, submersible design. The special evaluation electronics permit high-precision measurements at temperatures of up to 150 °C, even under harsh conditions. Assembly machines with a flexible range of settings enable individualised production and optimal adaptation to the respective application.

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VSP pressure sensor
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Fields of application
Oil pressure applications
  • Braking systems
  • Powertrain

Measurement and testing technology
Specially developed measurement element and evaluation electronics
  • High-precision version available
  • For use at temperatures up to 150 °C
  • Automotive-tested EMC/ ESD stability
Robust, minimised design
  • Compatible with standard oils used in the automotive industry
  • Submersible, oil-proof version available
  • Suitable for applications with limited installation space
Wide variety of electrical connections and output signals available
  • Simple and flexible integration, also in existing systems
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