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Sensor systems for physical quantities //

We offer sensors for measuring pressure, mass air flow, temperature, force, humidity or combinations thereof. Every product is a solution for a defined task within a specific application.

The modular construction of our sensors makes it possible to satisfy both the wishes of our customers in terms of mechanical and electronic design and manufacture sensors in small, mid-sized and large batches in a rapid, flexible and cost-efficient manner.

Our standard portfolio covers a large selection of pressure, temperature and mass air flow sensors. We are capable of developing and manufacturing other customer-specific sensors within a short timeframe and in a cost-effective manner.

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Contact information

Intelligente Sensorsysteme Dresden GmbH
Zur Wetterwarte 50, Haus 302
01109 Dresden, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)351 88596-0
Fax: +49 (0)351 88596-36
Email: info(at)

Technologies and expertise //

The basic technology for the primary components of sensors is selected according to requirements relating to the field of application, medium, reliability and other parameters.

Our assembly and connection technologies cover automatic thin and heavy wire bonding, soldering and dispensing.

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Pressure sensors //

Media-compatible and designed for precision


Our family of pressure sensors is based on the application of adapted technologies – stainlesss steel, ceramic or silicon technology. They feature a media-compatible design as well as integrated safety and diagnostic functions.

The design according to the i2s modular system makes adaptations and customer-specific modifications possible, even for small batches. The multiplicity of available pressure connections, electronics modules, and plug types permits flexible application of the sensors.

// The benefits of our pressure sensors

Perfect for automotive and industrial applications (hydraulics, pneumatics)

Pressures from -1 to 2,000 bar

Standard version: accuracy ±1 %, incl. temperature errors

High-precision version: accuracy ±0.2 %, incl. temperature errors

Certificate for CNG and LPG applications possible

Special versions for the use of hydrogen, certification according to EC79/2009 possible

Production of individual units (manual production) up to units in the millions (fully-automated production)

Electronic calibration on modern calibration systems developed at our company

More than 28 million i2s pressure sensors sold

Mass air flow sensors //

For a wide range of applications


The LMS is a calibrated mass air flow sensor specially developed for measuring air mass in the area of exhaust and engine control of motor vehicles. Due to their flexible adaptation of the characteristic curve, i2s mass air flow sensors are applicable in multiple ways, e.g. in putting into practice the requirements of the strict exhaust norm EURO 6.

The measuring unit consists of two temperature sensors and heaters, each arranged in pairs, which were manufactured on silicon using thin-film technology.

// The benefits of our mass air flow sensors

Suitable for automotive as well as off-road and non-road applications

Air mass from 50 kg/h to 3,000 kg/h

Accuracy: ±2 %

Innovative semiconductor-based hot film technology

Bidirectional flow measurement

Production on multiple fully-automated production lines

Over 2.5 million i2s mass air flow sensors sold

Temperature sensors //

Flexible and reliable


i2s temperature sensors are convincing when your system requires great flexibility or special adaptations, be it in respect to the medium, the design, the response time, the materials, the output signal, or the temperature ranges.

Our temperature sensor families are based on a media-compatible technology. They feature a short response time and are particularly suited for applications dealing with high pressures and temperatures.

// The benefits of our temperature sensors

Perfectly tailored to automotive, hydraulic and industrial applications

For special customer requests and applications (e.g. H2)

Temperatures from -40 °C to 250 °C

High ambient pressures

Accuracy ±1.5 %

Volume: small to medium (up to 10,000 units/year)

Media-compatible design

Also available as a transmitter version

Electronic calibration on modern calibration systems developed at our company

Combined sensors //

Two in one


Our combined sensors combine the measurement of pressure and temperature in one sensor. These sensors save both space and costs . They keep with the trend towards the miniaturisation and steadily declining available installation space.

Another advantage of „two in one“: the system only has to be configured for a single sensor (supply lines, holes etc.). Other physical quantities (e.g. force and humidity) can also be combined for individual projects.

// The benefits of our combined sensors

Suitable for automotive and industrial applications

Feature a standard interface (LIN 1.3, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2) for sensors and actuators, which is widely used in the automotive industry

Measurement of pressure and temperature

Cost-effectiveness with high-volume production

Pressure accuracy ±2 %; incl. temperature errors

Temperature accuracy ±2K

Over 250,000 combined sensors sold
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For over 15 years, i2s has been a specialist for intelligent sensor systems from Dresden. We manufacture customer-specific sensor solutions for measuring the physical quantities pressure, temperature, mass air flow, force and humidity.
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