CCT pressure/temperature sensor

For air-conditioning systems with heat pumps

The CCT pressure temperature sensor is often used in heat pumps for climate control systems and in thermal management (battery), particularly in vehicles with alternative drives. The specially developed thermo receptors permit a fast response time in flowing media and guarantee the high accuracy of the temperature measurings.

The design excels due to its compact size and minimal weight, which makes it easy to integrate and ideal for lightweight systems. The specific evaluation electronics make the pressure and temperature signal available via a digital single wire interface (LIN) and auto adressing.

High quantities can be realised at an affordable price thanks to fully automated production.

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  • Climate control system in vehicles with alternative drives
  • Heat pump
  • Thermal management (battery)

Specially developed thermoreceptors

  • Fast response time in moving fluids
  • High temperature measuring accuracy

Tried-and-tested stainless-steel measuring element

  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Good compatibility with fluids

Small size

  • Very easy to integrate
  • Support for lightweight-construction concepts

Application-specific evaluation electronics

  • Tried-and-tested automotive EMC/ESD resistance
  • Extended diagnostic and protective functions
  • Verified LIN 2.1 conformity with sleep mode
  • Pressure and temperature signal available via digital single-wire interface (LIN) and auto adressing

Fully automated assembly

  • Cost effective
  • Large quantities can be produced
Measurement range
Nominal pressure 0–10 to 0–100 bar
Over pressure 2× nominal pressure
Burst pressure 3× nominal pressure
Pressure type Relative
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 9–16 V
Current consumption max. 10 mA
Output signals LIN 1.3 / LIN 2.1 auto adressing
Mechanical characteristics
Measuring element Stainless-steel cell with
resistive measuring bridge
Housing material Aluminium
Pressure connection HEX 24, M10
Thread Male thread 1)
Electrical connection 4-pin RD plug 1)
Installation position Any
Weight Approx. 15 g
Total pressure error
± 0.5 % FS (0–90 °C)
± 1 % FS (–40–125 °C)
Total temperature error 3) ± 1K 2)
Response time (t90) 3 sec 2)
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature range −40–125 °C
Media temperature range −40–150 °C
Media compatibility R134a, HFO 1234yf, PAG oil, POE oi
1) Other electrical connections available on request
2) Depending on installation situation

Similar sensors

CCT pressure sensor

The climate-control pressure transmitter (CCT) was developed specifically for measuring the pressure of refrigerants in motor vehicles.

CCT high-pressure/temperature sensor

The CCT high-pressure temperature sensor was specially developed for the high pressures and temperatures in CO2 heat pumps (R744).

VST temperature sensor

The VST temperature sensor is used in applications where extremly fast response times are required, while still ensuring media compatibility.

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