VST temperature sensor

For medium pressure applications and fuel cell systems

The VST temperature sensor is used in applications where extremly fast response times are required, while still ensuring media compatibility.

Due to the compact design and the use of media-specific materials, the VST achieves excellent results in applications where space is critical, as well as under harsh environmental conditions. The specially developed measuring element not only ensures fast response times but also a high degree of accuracy.

The transmitter version of the VST with a linearised, analog output signal also offers the electrical protection and diagnostic functions typical to the automotive industry.

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  • H2 applications and special fluids
  • Cooling-water systems
  • Fuel cell

Specially developed measuring element and evaluation electronics

  • Fast response times
  • High accuracy

Use of materials with proven fluid compatibility

  • Excellent media compatibility
  • Suitable for high ambient temperatures
  • EC79-tested version available

Compact design

  • Suitable for pressure up to 30 bar
  • Ideal for integration into applications where space is critical
Measurement range
Temperature −40–115 °C
other available on request
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 5 V±0,25 V
Current consumption max. 10 mA
Output signals 0.5 V–4.5 V, analog
PT1000 Class F0.15 or Class F0.3
Mechanical characteristics
Housing material Stainless steel
Pressure connection M10x1 with o-ring sealing
Thread Male thread
Electrical connection 3-pin MQS connector
Installation position Any
Weight approx. 26 g
Total error High accuracy up to ±1K, standard ±1.5K
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature range −40–120 °C
Media temperature range −50–120 °C
Media compatibility Hydrogen, air, nitrogen, coolant (DI-water, ethylene glycol)

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