Hydrogen applications

Hydrogen propulsion is the future of environmentally friendly commercial vehicles and buses, because hydrogen serves as an energy source for internal-combustion engines or for fuel cells connected to electric drives. The hydrogen is typically stored in tanks under extreme pressure, which must be controlled very precisely – this is where our special hydrogen pressure sensors come into play. We supply robust sensors for tank and fuel-cell applications. Our hydrogen-compatible pressure and temperature sensors are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions in hydrogen environments. The sensors operate in the low- to high-pressure range and have a robust design. A sensor is specifically designed to provide accurate measurements even if water freezes on the sensor membrane. We develop sensors in accordance with ASIL A and ASIL B, and offer different output signals for each sensor. Our hydrogen sensors are certified according to EC79 and HGV 3.1.

Sensor systems for Hydrogen applications

VST temperature sensor

For medium pressure applications and fuel cell systems

The VST temperature sensor is used in applications where extremly fast response times are required, while still ensuring media compatibility. Due to the compact design and the use of media-specific materials, the VST achieves excellent results in applications where space is critical, as well as under harsh environmental conditions.

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H2-High Pressure Sensor HPS

For high pressure applications and tank systems

Our high pressure sensor HPS was specially designed for the use in hydrogen (H2) applications, such as filling stations and high pressure tanks, as well as measuring and testing technology.

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H2-Medium Pressure Sensor MPS

For medium pressure applications

Our medium pressure sensor MPS was specially developed for use in hydrogen (H2) applications, such as fuel cells and pressure regulators.

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H2-Low Pressure Sensor LPS

For fuel cell systems

Our low pressure sensor LPS was specially developed for use in hydrogen (H2) applications, such as fuel cells.

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Other applications

Air-conditioning systems

Our climate-pressure sensors are installed in air-conditioning systems for temperature regulation. Climate-control pressure transmitters (CCTs) have been specifically developed for measuring pressure in vehicle refrigerant lines. Thanks to a robust aluminium housing, these sensors offer a cost-effective solution for vehicle air-conditioning systems.

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Oil-pressure applications

Our OPS, VSP or IPT pressure sensors are used to measure the oil pressure in the transmission. The air pressure in the unit is measured with our pressure sensor. The special feature of our sensors is that they are robustly designed to withstand the stresses of oil-pressure applications.

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Motorsport applications

Our intelligent sensor systems are also used in motorsports. Whether exposed to the pressure in the transmission or clutch, or to temperature in the tank – our sensors are robust, measure precisely and put the emphasis on performance!

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