H2-Low Pressure Sensor LPS

For fuel cell systems

Our low pressure sensor LPS was specially developed for use in hydrogen (H2) applications, such as fuel cells.

With its variants for pressure ranges up to 6 bar, the sensor is designed for measuring low pressures in stationary and mobile applications.

Materials that come into contact with fluids have been selected in accordance with the requirements for use with hydrogen and withstand the high stresses of use in hydrogen environments, even over long service lives. For an optimal integration in systems, the sensor is available with analog or digital (SENT) output signal.

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  • Industrial and automobile application on fuel cell systems

MEMS-Si measuring element with oil reservoir

Very good hydrogen compatibility

  • Use of fluid-compatible materials
  • Burst-proof and long service life

Several design variants available

  • Analog output voltage as well as SENT output
  • Flange connector for direct contact to the system
Measurement range
Nominal pressure 0–6 bar
Over pressure 2× nominal pressure
Burst pressure 3× nominal pressure
Pressure type Absolute
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 5 V±0.25 V
Current consumption max. 10 mA
Output signals SENT, analog
Mechanical characteristics
Measuring element MEMS-Si element with oil reservoir
Housing material Plastics
Pressure connection Flange with o-ring
Thread None
Electrical connection 3-pin MLK connector
Installation position Any 1)
Weight approx. 38 g
Total error Standard accuracy
±1.0 % FS @ 0–50 °C,
±1.5 % FS @ −40–120 °C
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature range −40–120 °C
Media temperature range −40–120 °C
Media compatibility Hydrogen, air, nitrogen, coolant (DI-water, ethylene glycol)
1) Except freeze resistant installation

Similar sensors

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