Intelligent solutions for the automotive industry

Whether it’s sensors for air-conditioning systems, oil pressure or compressed air treatment – we offer you intelligent solutions for protecting vehicles, occupants and the environment – for battery and hydrogen propulsion, as well as for combustion engines.

Hydrogen propulsion

Hydrogen is used as an energy carrier for internal-combustion engines or for fuel cells connected to electric drives. The hydrogen is usually stored in tanks under extreme pressure, which must be very precisely controlled – this is where our special hydrogen pressure sensors come in. With their robust design, they are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the hydrogen environment and to perform reliably over the long term. We develop sensors in accordance with ASIL A and ASIL B, and offer different output signals for each sensor. Our hydrogen sensors are certified according to EC79 and HGV 3.1.

Battery propulsion

Battery-powered vehicles shouldn’t have to use much of their precious battery capacity for heating, cooling and air conditioning. The use of energy-efficient heat-pump systems requires highly accurate pressure and temperature measurements. We make this possible with our combined pressure and temperature sensors, which provide precise temperature and pressure evaluations – even under the high pressures involved with the use of CO2 as a refrigerant – without demanding much of the battery capacity.

Combustion engines

Classical combustion engines continue to be important in economic terms. Using our sensors for transmissions and engine control systems helps keep fuel consumption and the environmental impact as low as possible.

Oil-pressure applications

The regulation of oil pressure in a transmission is critical for minimum fuel consumption with low stress on the mechanism. This is where our OPS, VSP and IPT pressure sensors come into play. The special feature of our sensors is that they are robustly designed to withstand the stresses of oil-pressure applications. Heavy-duty connectors (e. g., bayonet, HDSCS, DT04) and a special design for system integration with particularly high pressure peaks put the finishing touch on the application and fulfil all necessary safety requirements.

Air-conditioning systems

Our climate-pressure sensors are installed in air-conditioning systems for temperature regulation. Climate-control pressure transmitters (CCTs) have been specifically developed for measuring pressure in vehicle refrigerant lines. Thanks to a robust aluminium housing, these sensors offer a cost-effective solution for vehicle air-conditioning systems.

Unique to our CCT family are our combined pressure and temperature sensors for low and high pressure. These sensors were developed for air-conditioning systems based on heat pumps, such as those used in electric or hybrid vehicles.

The evaluation electronics of the CCT sensors reliably deliver precise measurement data in order to regulate the system to optimum values. Our climate pressure sensors (CCTs) were developed for the automotive industry and meet the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Compressed-air treatment

The i2s sensors of types DPS, EPS and PTM are used for compressed-air treatment. The sensors were developed and produced with high accuracy and long-term stability in order to reliably measure the braking pressure of vehicles.

i2s sensor systems in motorsports

Our intelligent sensor systems are also used in motorsports. Whether exposed to the pressure in the transmission or clutch, or to temperature in the tank – our sensors are robust, measure precisely and put the emphasis on performance!

i2s sensor systems for automotive

Our engineers draw on their extensive experience in the development of our sensor systems for cars. Our knowledge in the automotive industry is constantly growing with our experience in the field – for over 20 years, we have been continuously developing the perfectly tailored sensor for your application.

Why i2s sensor systems?

We provide you with customised solutions for your specific application. We develop our intelligent sensor systems for pressure, temperature or even force as measured variables. We have already put a large number of sensors for pressure and temperature into series production. In the field of force sensors, we have carried out research and development projects on behalf of our customers.

We have an intelligent solution for your specific application: we can modify and adapt our sensor systems for pressure and temperature according to the requirements of your application. Alternatively, we can design and produce a completely new intelligent sensor solution for your applications.

We guarantee high-precision sensors for each of these applications – backed up by our many years of experience in the design of electronic systems as well as optimal parametrisation in calibration. Our product system has been tried and tested – this precision is maintained with repeatability over long service lives in the form of a robust sensor that reliably fulfils its purpose, and precisely under harsh usage conditions. We have our own in-house sensor production with multiple lines that enable us to cover all quantities from individual production to mass production.

Sensor systems for the automotive industry

CCT pressure/temperature sensor

For air-conditioning systems with heat pumps

The CCT pressure temperature sensor is often used in heat pumps for climate control systems and in thermal management (battery), particularly in vehicles with alternative drives. The specially developed thermo receptors permit a fast response time in flowing media and guarantee the high accuracy of the temperature measurings.

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CCT high-pressure/temperature sensor

For air-conditioning systems with CO2 heat pumps

The CCT high-pressure temperature sensor was specially developed for the high pressures and temperatures in CO2 heat pumps (R744). Such heat pumps are primarily used in thermal management in vehicles with electric drive (EV).

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CCT pressure sensor

For automotive air-conditioning systems

The climate-control pressure transmitter (CCT) was developed specifically for measuring the pressure of refrigerants in motor vehicles. The hermetically sealed and robust aluminium housing makes this sensor a cost-effective solution for automotive air-conditioning systems.

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Oil pressure sensor (OPS)

For oil-pressure measurements in the transmission

Our oil pressure sensor OPS measures the oil pressure in transmissions of e. g. electric vehicles, in order to optimise the use of the engine power. It was designed to measure the absolute pressure inside the transmission housing, and is robust enough to be used with oil in the surrounding areas.

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VSP pressure sensor

For oil-pressure applications

As one of our smallest pressure sensors, the VSP is particularly impressive thanks to its robust and submersible design, which makes it a reliable partner for all oil-pressure applications in motor vehicles and commercial vehicles.

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IPS pressure sensor

For harsh operating conditions

The IPS pressure sensor is used in applications where high demands are placed on a sensor’s robustness and fluid compatibility. In situations involving harsh operating conditions, rough handling and severe vibrations, the IPS proves to be a reliable partner and provides precise and stable measurements over the entire life cycle.

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VST temperature sensor

For medium pressure applications and fuel cell systems

The VST temperature sensor is used in applications where extremly fast response times are required, while still ensuring media compatibility. Due to the compact design and the use of media-specific materials, the VST achieves excellent results in applications where space is critical, as well as under harsh environmental conditions.

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H2-low and medium pressure sensor L-MPS

For medium pressure applications and fuel cell systems

Our low pressure sensor L-MPS was specifically develped for use in hydrogen (H2) applications, such as fuel cells and pressure regulators.

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XKP pressure sensor

For motorsport applications

Our numerous motorsport customers aren’t the only ones who are impressed by the XKP pressure sensor when it comes to vibration resistance and excellent compatibility with engine and transmission oils. Its various design versions with two different connection sizes and a variety of electrical connections also make the XKP the ideal pressure sensor for automotive and motorsport applications.

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IPT pressure sensor

For air-pressure regulation

Featuring a robust design, our IPT pressure sensor is used in commercial vehicles, in electronic air-treatment systems with various uses or in power packs for optimised switching processes. It helps to reduce mechanical wear, thus cutting maintenance costs.

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