CCT high-pressure/temperature sensor

For air-conditioning systems with CO2 heat pump

The CCT high-pressure/temperature sensor was specifically developed for the high pressures and temperatures in CO2 heat pumps (R744). R744 transports significantly more heat than conventional refrigerants and is also climate neutral, non-flammable and almost odourless.

Measuring ranges
Rated pressure 0-10 to 0-200 bar
Overpressure 2x rated pressure
Bursting pressure 3x rated pressure
Pressure type Relative
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 9-16 V
Current consumption max. 10 mA
Output signal LIN 2.0
Mechanical characteristics
Measuring element Stainless-steel cell with resistive measuring bridge
Housing material Stainless steel
Pressure connection Wrench size 24, M18×1
Thread Male thread
Electrical connection 3-pin MQS plug
Installation position Any
Weight approx. 41 g
Total pressure error ± 0.5 % FS (0-90 °C)
± 1.5 % FS (-40-140 °C)
Total temperature error ± 1K
Response time (t90) 3 sec
Environmental conditions
Rated temperature range -40 °C–140 °C
Fluid temperature range -40–165 °C (180 °C)
Fluid compatibility R744

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